What is the earliest time we can board the ship?

Generally, two hours prior to sailing. Please check your tickets. We cannot wait for you, so when arranging your transport, please make sure you allow enough time to reach the Port.

What documents are required?

U.K. and all other Citizens from E.U. member States taking voyages originating or ending in E.U. countries, will need a valid passport only. Other Nationalities will require a valid passport and may require a visa. For non E.U. passengers, when choosing your voyage with us, please check and make sure you have suitable Visa to allow you to travel.

How about the nights?

At night life aboard really turns on. There’s; live entertainment in nightclub and lounges; feature films and parties with all your new friends. Our ship even has a casino. We also try and keep you well entertained and fed with our late night buffet, or try your luck at the Casino!

Will I get sick when travelling by Sea?

Very unlikely. The Mediterranean boasts some of the calmest waters in the world. In addition, stabilizers on our ship, advanced availability of accurate weather information, and development of highly effective medications have, for the most part, eliminated the incidence of seasickness – and don’t forget, you will be on dry land the same day.

What is the alcohol policy onboard?

The minimum age for the purchase or consumption of alcohol onboard is 18. Adults cannot obtain drinks for minors, and alcohol in the possession of a minor will be confiscated – this rule is strictly enforced, sorry, but we must be sensible about this!

Am I allowed to bring my own beverages on board?

Unfortunately not.

Am I allowed to bring my own beverages on board?

Voyage with us is great for families! We go all out for the children – Programs are broken down by age group, so that your teens aren’t stuck with the younger crowd. Our programs start at age 5. Parents love it because they have time for themselves (often more than expected, because even when there are no activities planned, the kids have made new friends and are off somewhere with them having fun but always under yr surepvision

What about minors travelling without parents or legal guardians?

of the children and their last names are different than yours, you should also bring the appropriate legal documentation showing that you have custody.

Are there any restrictions for pregnant passengers?

Unfortunately we cannot allow you to sail with us if you are over 24-weeks pregnant at the time of sailing and, if you are pregnant we will also ask you for a medical certificate or a letter from your doctor stating your term of pregnancy and the due date. Please also remember to tell us about any medications you require, and especially any pre-existing medical or physical conditions that we should know about, or that might effect your Holiday, or our schedules.

How do I pay for my onboard expenses?

For all of your purchases on board from the Shops, Restaurants, Bars and Casino you will be able to pay with your switch, Visa, MasterCard, American Express for the key.

Do I need Insurance?

Aegean Ferry Line’s liability for loss or damage is limited to their Ferry Ticket Contract and our terms and conditions. In addition, Ferry lines impose penalties for cancellations within 75 days of sailing. We strongly recommend that all passengers take out Cancellation and Passenger Protection insurance that offers medical, travel, baggage and personal injury insurance.

What’s the smoking policy?

Our ships have smoking areas

How many can go in one cabin?

Cabins usually hold up to four people.


We have special cabins for those passengers with physical disabilities but these are limited, so book them well in advance. Crew members are usually extremely helpful.

What if I’m late back to the Ship?

We count everyone on and off the vessel, but we cannot wait for you, when we have a full schedule to keep! We regret WILL SAIL at the departure time, which will be clearly advised when you disembark. If you don’t make it back in time, it’s YOUR PROBLEM!

Disclaimer of Liability AND all other issues relating to your Voyage with AEGEAN FERRY LINES